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centar vrsac logo3Founded in 2000, the Center for Women's Rights in Vršac is one of the oldest non-governmental organizations in Vršac, whose aim and mission are to work on the empowerment of women and enhancement of their social position through education and prevention of all forms of violence.

The vision of the Center for Women's Rights in Vršac is the following: We believe in life without violence, gender equality, and social and individual rights of women and children.

The activities of the Center are directed toward the prevention of all forms of violence against women, the empowerment of women in overcoming traumas resulting from domestic violence, intimate partner violence and/or sexual violence.The organization operates SOS helpline for psychological assistance, legal information and advice, information from the social protection field and other sources of support and services in the community.The organization also takes part in the field of prevention, education and raising public awareness concerning the problem of human trafficking. The prevention is carried out through campaigns, workshops, panel discussions, media, cooperation with relevant institutions, networking with organizations of the same or similar scope of action. Special attention is dedicated to working with young people, organizing workshops, panel discussions and street actions whose aim is to make a great number of young population interested in and familiar with the problem of human trafficking.

The organization has 6 active members and around 20 volunteers from high schools.

Since the foundation of the organization until today, 45 projects have been carried out. In the process of undertaking our activities, we collaborate with relevant services (center for social work, police, health services, educational institutions, media, prosecutor's office, local municipality) and NGOs on local, regional and national level..

The Center for Women's Rights in Vršac is a part of two networks: Women against Violence and AT Network of Serbia.